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Staying on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

runningLike many people, you probably made a list of goals you want to accomplish for the year.  Now that we’re a few weeks into the New Year, you may have barely tackled one thing on your list.
One thing that sets us up for failure when it comes to accomplishing our New Year’s Resolutions is either being unrealistic (losing 65 pounds by March 1), or being too vague (wanting to be “healthier”) with goals.  
Here are six ways you can reach all your goals for the year without getting overwhelmed or putting tasks on the backburner.
Be specific:  Okay, so your goal is to be healthier, but what exactly does that mean to you?  Be specific about goals you want to accomplish, whether that means going to the gym more frequently, cutting junk food out of your diet, or drinking more water.
Focus on one goal at a time:  It can be overwhelming managing your daily life along with trying to improve yourself. Focusing on one goal at a time will help you better concentrate on individual tasks rather than doing a lot at one time.
Try monthly challenges:  Instead of focusing on the entire year, break up your goals into 30-day increments to help you better track your progress month over month.
Make it fun: Having a negative mindset about your goals will make the activity less enjoyable.  Shift your mindset to making it fun rather than dreading it.  Look forward to cooking those greens or going to the gym! You’ll be more committed to your goals if you think of them as a positive experience rather than a chore.
Visualize your achievements:  If you can see it, you can believe it!  Visualizing your goals puts it in front of you, and gives you clear affirmations about what you want to achieve.
Pencil it in:  When you make something an appointment in your calendar, you will learn to prioritize it instead of procrastinating.