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Don’t Let Holiday Allergies Make You Nutty This Season with These Prevention Tips!

Holman sneezing in a santa hatiday Allergies tend to spike during the middle of winter, time to prepare

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as family and friends bring out festive foods, Christmas trees, and yuletide traditions to celebrate the season. However, if you have allergies, or are allergy-prone, then it could be hard to enjoy the holidays as your likelihood to experience an allergy could increase.
So what can you do to prevent your holiday allergies from spiking during the festive season? The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has a bunch of great tips to make sure that allergies from hay fever, nuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, or other common allergens don’t get in the way of your seasonal celebrations!

Basic prevention tips to lower the occurrence of holiday allergies

Preventing holiday allergies can be quite easy when individuals use the following strategies to limit contact with allergens and mitigate other allergic reactions:

  • Find an adequate prescription for your needs: Seek out a provider that can prescribe you any needed medications for potential allergen contact. Christmas trees, along with common allergen sources like desserts with dairy and nuts, can cause allergy reactions and irritations.
  • Prevention, prevention, prevention: A seasonal flu shot may help provide your immune system a boost for the upcoming winter, as well as the holiday season, to prevent hay fever. Other preventive measures to reduce holiday allergies include regular washing your hands, using clean/hypoallergenic decorations like plastic ornaments/trees, and having an EpiPen on your persons at all times.
  • Eat and cook smarter at parties and functions: Try and provide notice to anyone bringing cooked foods about your allergies to avoid certain dishes that may contain allergens. If you’re the one bringing a meal to a holiday party you could try one of the many lists of hypoallergenic recipes available online
  • Inform others of any allergies you may have: If you’re at a holiday party or function make sure that you inform newly met guests of your allergies. Building basic awareness helps to reduce the likelihood of coming into contact with any allergens.

What to do to treat holiday allergies if they worsen

For any reason that your holiday allergies are more irritable than before, seek seasonal allergy treatment if you experience multiple symptoms including post-nasal drip, sneezing, sore or itchy throat, congestion, or puffy, itchy, watery eyes.  
Visit an urgent care center for a short visit to address any holiday allergies. No appointment is needed and we are happy to get you back to feeling good.
Taking a preventive, actionable approach to managing holiday allergies can keep you holly-jolly this season instead of a sniffling folly!