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4 Reasons to Get Tested for STDs

Your sexual health is a critical part of your overall health and undergoing routine testing is important to maintaining it. STD Testing is important for everyone as they become sexually active and should become a part of your regular health routine even if you have not had sex in some time. There are many reasons why you should get tested.

1. STD testing can be quick and efficient

Many tests can be performed in a matter of minutes, requiring either a cheek swab, urine sample or blood sample. From there the sample is brought to the lab, where it is processed and analyzed for markers of a variety of STDs and STIs. AFC Urgent Care West Orange has an on-site lab, allowing us to expedite the process and getting you results quickly.

2. Some STDs do not have visible symptoms

Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections can live within your body without developing physical symptoms, unable to be detected without an STD test. Because they require specific testing, these STDs can develop and lead to further health issues including more serious infections, certain cancers and infertility.

3. Many STDs and STIs are easily treatable

Some people put off getting tested because they are afraid of what their results may contain. Most sexually transmitted diseases and infections are treatable with medication and monitoring, allowing you to maintain your regular life. If a more serious disease or infection is detected, we will be able to recommend specialists and medication to manage your symptoms. However, not every physical includes testing. If you believe you are at risk, visit your local walk-in urgent care for testing and treatment.

4. Knowing your status keeps both you and your partner safe

Without symptoms, you may not realize that you have an STD. This makes it easier to unknowingly pass it on to your partner(s), who can continue to pass it on. It’s important to get tested when changing partners or having sex with multiple partners. Getting tested at least once per year is critical to knowing your status and the only way you will be able to let past partners know they should get tested.

Discreet STD Testing in West Orange, NJ

If you are interested in learning your STD status, visit AFC Urgent Care West Orange for testing and possible treatment today. Our center accepts walk-in visits seven days a week and provides discreet testing, with results processed in our on-site lab for quicker results than an external facility. If you have further questions about STD testing and treatment, please call 973-669-5900.