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Benefits of Getting an Early Flu Shot

We are officially in the start of flu season! The influenza virus is common from the beginning of fall through the end of spring, reaching epidemic levels sometime in the mid-winter. In order to prevent catching the virus, you can get a flu shot at your local walk-in urgent care center. The flu shot is made of a weakened or dead strain to protect against the current composition of the virus, providing immunity for the duration of flu season. There are many reasons why you should get your flu shot early this year.

It takes time to become immune to the influenza virus

You won’t be immune to the flu virus as soon as you get the flu shot: you‘ll need time to learn the virus as your immune system learns how to fight against and defeat it. By getting your flu shot early, you’ll be able to give your body enough time to learn how to beat the flu before you can be exposed to the full-strength virus. Waiting until late October or even later in the season can leave you vulnerable to contracting the virus before the vaccine takes effect. The flu shot takes about two weeks to set in and provide you with immunity. Getting your flu shot before late October will give you time to adjust to the vaccine and learn the virus.

There won’t be as much of a line

As flu season progresses, the lines at your local pharmacy, minute clinic and even your physician’s office will continue to grow as people decide to get the vaccination because of cases popping up in their schools or workplaces. Getting your shot earlier in the season reduces the wait time, especially if you are visiting a walk-in center with already short lines. While the vaccine should be available for most of flu season, the lines will get longer as it reaches its peak.

You won’t need to worry as much when you or your child start to sniffle

The flu shot won’t prevent all types of illness, but you won’t have to worry as much when you or your child begin to sniffle or cough. While many illnesses may require a quick trip to AFC Urgent Care for treatment, many bugs won’t require you to take valuable time off in order to rest and heal. Symptoms of the flu include a headache, nausea, fever and coughing, all of which can lead to discomfort if you need to take a few days off to rest.

Flu Shots for Walk-In Patients in West Orange, NJ

Don’t wait until the season is almost over! Get your flu shot at AFC Urgent Care West Orange today during a walk-in visit. Our center is open seven days a week and accepts most major insurance carriers, with low-cost flu shots available to self-pay patients. For questions, please call 973-669-5900.