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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

The last weeks of the year are almost always synonymous with travel, either to get home for the holidays or to get out of town for a bit on vacation. The last thing you’ll want is for your trip to be derailed by a cold or the flu. As you get ready to wind down the year, keep your hygiene as one of your top priorities in order to avoid getting sick during the changing weather and holiday stress.

Check the weather before you get dressed

The temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, and dressing for the weather can provide your body with necessary protection from the elements and prevent you from getting sick. For example, you should make sure your chest is protected on colder days, covered with warm layers and a coat to prevent catching a cold and becoming congested. Make sure your hair is dry before going outdoors to prevent pneumonia or hypothermia from setting in. The first week of December is National Flu Vaccination Week, so if you have not gotten your seasonal flu shot yet, now is the best time! After two weeks, you’ll be immune to the virus for the rest of the season.

Wash your hands often and thoroughly

You touch countless surfaces throughout the day, from brushing against a countertop in the communal kitchen to opening the door to the office to holding onto a handle on the train or bus. All of these surfaces can be covered in germs, which can contain viruses including the cold and flu. You can disinfect your hands by washing them with soap and hot water, scrubbing for at least 30 seconds. This should be repeated throughout the day, especially after using the restroom and before and after preparing food. While hand sanitizer can be used in between, it will not be able to work effectively if your hands are dirty or covered in buildup. Sanitizer can reduce germs, but will not clean your hands.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Rest is a critical part of your bodily functions, giving yourself time to fight against germs and viruses that you come into contact with throughout the day. Between jetlag from traveling and attending different events, you may not be getting the amount and quality of sleep you need each night. Make sure you get as close to eight hours of sleep per night as possible to reduce developing symptoms and falling ill.

Illness Treatment in West Orange, NJ

If you begin to develop non-life-threatening symptoms of a cold, the flu, pneumonia or strep throat, visit AFC Urgent Care West Orange for diagnosis and treatment! Open seven days a week, our team is able to provide you with efficient treatment so you’re feeling like yourself in no time. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 973-669-5900.