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5 Steps To Take For An Injury Free Holiday Season

Getting hurt or needing treatment for an injury is a surefire way to kill your holiday cheer. This list, based on the most common urgent care visits during the holidays, is to help you avoid those scenarios. Follow these 5 simple steps to help ensure a safe holiday season!

Check Your Christmas Tree

While they’re known for housing presents and spreading cheer, Christmas trees can be a culprit behind holiday injuries if you’re not careful. If you opted for a natural tree this year, be sure to keep it away from anything flammable. Follow any instructions given for the tree, like when to water it. Make sure your lights are the appropriate kind for your tree, and shut them off at night (especially if they get hot after some use). Take the time to neaten up any cords connected to your tree, clearing them from walkways and areas with heavy foot traffic. Tripping over a cord can make for a painful, avoidable injury!

Wear The Appropriate Attire

People only wear swimsuits in the snow in commercials, people. For the rest of the world, it’s important to bundle up when temperatures start to drop. Temperatures only need to be as low as 40 degrees for you to be susceptible to hypothermia, and exposure to the cold may worsen certain pre-existing conditions. Layer up and sport your warmest boots. If it’s snowing, raining, or hailing, opt for snow boots or boots with grooves in the sole. If the bottoms of your shoes are flat, you may fail to get traction on ice and slip or fall.

Shovel Your Snow

Shoveling snow isn’t just a common courtesy for your neighbors; It’s also a way to keep you and everyone around you safe this holiday season. There’s often times frozen ice under snow, which can cause slips and falls. The earlier you shovel your snow, the less of a chance there is that ice will form underneath. Sprinkling sand or salt (even before it snows) can help prevent slips and falls by adding traction to the ground. Salt can also be used to melt pre-existing ice. Shovel and salt your driveway for an easier time getting in and out with a vehicle.

Plan Your Portions

Seeing a full Christmas spread may cause your eyes to be bigger than your stomach.  Although overeating during the holidays has been normalized, it can actually lead to lots of uncomfortable conditions: heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, and the list goes on. If you know what’s going to be on the menu, try to plan ahead of time on roughly how much you plan to eat, and what it is you plan to eat. Be active during the days leading up to your big feasts to combat the food. Since it’s likely you’ll be eating an increased amount of salt than usual, it’s recommended to drink lots of water as well. Don’t be shy to ask about nutritional facts for homemade food, especially if you have allergies!

Get Vaccinated

Being around a host of people during the peak of flu season can cause a little…trouble. To avoid getting sick this year, be diligent about washing your hands frequently. Keep your hands away from your face and orifices, even if your hands are clean. Getting the flu vaccination ahead of time may help you stay in good health when the holidays come rolling around. If someone around you is sick and contagious, politely maintain your distance. If you’re already sick with a respiratory illness, stay out of the cold and nippy air, which can exacerbate your cough.

These steps were curated to help you stay happy and healthy during the holiday season, but the reality is that accidents happen. Should you have a holiday oopsy-daisy-, come see the practitioners at AFC Urgent Care West Orange. Specializing in illness and injury treatment, we offer extended hours and happily treat walk-in patients. We work efficiently to ensure our patients get seen fast, whether it’s via an appointment or a walk-in. For questions, please call 973-669-5900.