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Which States have the Fastest Growing Rates of COVID-19?

In the US, the winter months have a significant effect on the spread of the novel coronavirus. Despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies have developed a vaccine, deaths are increasing. Federal and state government are doing their best to control the pandemic, but some states require more attention due to their high infection rates.

Top Six States with Fastest Growing COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus has become a disaster for the US, with more than 375,000 deaths and 22 million positive results. Officials announce more than ten thousand cases a day. Almost 40 states are in the red zone. Here are the top five states that have faced a significant increase in cases since the beginning of the New Year:

1.      California

California reported more than 2.9 million total cases and 32,239 deaths. Furthermore, the state witnessed 53,711 new cases in a single day, making it the highest number of cases any state reported in a single day. California has the most cases than all other states in the US.

2.      Texas

After California, Texas has the highest number of reported cases. The total number of positive cases in Texas is over 2 million, with more than 31,693 deaths. Moreover, the state has reached an average of 22,279 cases for each day of this week. Texas has reported more than 29,932 new cases and 423 new deaths.

3.      New York

The daily average of New York for this week is 16,424 cases. New York stands third place with 1.19 million total cases and more than 40,000 deaths. The new cases in New York are more than 14,187, and the deaths are more than 237.

4.      Arizona

Arizona is the state with most cases this week. There are more than 7,311 new COVID cases in Arizona, with 182 new deaths. This brings the state to a total of more than 663,000 total cases and 11,064 total deaths.

Despite being a powerful nation, the US is suffering from the brunt of this pandemic. Numerous factors are affecting the rapid increase in the new cases and deaths among the global charts. However, as the vaccines are now available under the US government’s control, the statistics for these states may change over time.

At first, the government will ensure that only high-risk professionals and individuals gain access to the vaccines. The reason behind controlled vaccination is limited stock. Once production stabilizes, the population will be able to get the vaccine from local clinics.

If you are traveling to any of the states with high numbers of cases and deaths, you should maintain social distancing protocols. If you begin experiencing any symptoms, contact an urgent care center near you for further information.