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What Are Common Treatments Available at Urgent Care

Did you know that urgent care centers are one of the fastest growing parts of the healthcare industry? With convenient locations, high quality care, and affordable prices, more and more people are starting to turn to urgent care centers to get the treatment they need for a variety of medical conditions. Urgent care centers can …

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Main causes and illnesses related to nausea

Nausea can be an extremely uncomfortable feeling. One may experience symptoms of immense discomfort within their stomach and a throbbing feeling of wanting to throw up. People who tend to experience nausea feel quite uncomfortable and look for ways and remedies to get rid of it. Nausea can stem from a number of causes, and …

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How to Prevent Catching the Flu This Fall

The flu season comes around each fall and it’s always unpredictable in terms of timing, severity, and length. Each year, the flu season claims many casualties, with thousands of infections and deaths. The flu is highly contagious and is characterized as a respiratory illness that stems from influenza types A and B viruses. In the …

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5 Steps To Take For An Injury Free Holiday Season

Getting hurt or needing treatment for an injury is a surefire way to kill your holiday cheer. This list, based on the most common urgent care visits during the holidays, is to help you avoid those scenarios. Follow these 5 simple steps to help ensure a safe holiday season! Check Your Christmas Tree While they’re …

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Working Out in the Winter

Winter is finally here, with warmer das spread out thin and the threat of snow more present than ever. With options for outdoor exercise limited, you may begin to incorporate more indoor activities to your workout routine in order to keep moving throughout the winter. However, higher levels of movement can lead to a higher …

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