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Routine Checkups and Physicals

Routine checkups and annual physicals are likely the most important medical appointments you’ll need during the year. Even though most routine physicals are performed by primary care providers, AFC Urgent Care West Orange provides annual physicals to walk-in patients when you can’t contact your main doctor.

Why do I need an annual checkup/routine physical?

Chronic diseases, illnesses, and major healthcare problems can be easily prevented by staying on top of your medical needs. A routine physical allows a physician to review your medical history to help identify any emerging healthcare risks, review your overall health, and see if there are any indicators of a serious medical event.
For example, routine checkups allow doctors to detect risks for heart attack and stroke, sexually transmitted disease, and cancer by performing the following biometric tests:

  • Blood Pressure readings
  • HIV screenings
  • Cholesterol checks
  • Heart rate readings
  • Cancer screenings
  • STD screenings
  • Respiratory rate readings

Routine Checkups & Physicals in West Orange, NJ
Routine physicals also provide an ideal opportunity to ask questions about medical conditions or situations you are cautious about but did not necessarily require a provider visit. AFC Urgent Care West Orange accepts multiple insurance carriers and provides low out-of-pocket rates for routine physicals. If you need to schedule a physical ASAP, walk-in to our clinic at our address or call our center at 973-669-5900 for an appointment.